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Part of Tel Aviv and the neighboring city of Jaffa’s indelible charm is their astonishing architecture – a melded landscape of crumbling buildings and modern high rises, ancient cobblestone paths and painted tiles amidst ultra contemporary renovations; old meets new wherever you cast your view. While the quaint neighborhood of Neve Tzedek is high on the location list of many local photographers, there are a few other places around town that make for stunning back drops. Be sure not to miss these special spots for their unique atmosphere.

Old Jaffa

If you take the beach promenade from Tel Aviv down to Jaffa and head up the ancient cobblestone stairs you will find a whole new world of stunning back drops – from seaside views to lush greenery and historic architecture. This is truly an area to discover.

Jaffa Port

This area is one of the oldest ports in the whole world, and the quaint alleyways, vibrant hues and age-old history lend a magical spirit to the surroundings. For adventurous couples, it is possible to rent boats, yachts and more – making for an extra-special photo shoot on the Mediterranean.

Jaffa Flea Market

With the colorful chaos of the famed flea market’s ambience and merchants, the weddings dress/tuxedo combo is a major stand-out. Get lost in the market’s nooks and crannies for some intimate couple shots and then pose for some authentic, memorable moments with everyone from the rug sellers to the antique bric-a-brac vendors.

Tel Aviv Port

The newly renovated port of Tel Aviv is a classically refined, yet unexpected backdrop for bridal photos. Set up a few playful shots in front of the throwback carousel for some nostalgic charm, or go for a minimalist setting with the swooping hardwood deck and the modern lamplights that dot the port’s vast promenade.

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