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We’re happy to share some expert tips from BE Group’s partner, Lisa Shiner, who was recently asked to give her input by Brides Magazine as part of their Weddings Around the World series on what goes into throwing a great Israeli wedding party. From wedding ceremony traditions to full-on feasts and nonstop entertainment, the article breaks down what make Israeli celebrations a mix of unique, crazy, and unforgettable.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Caesarea
Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Caesarea

In Shiner’s own words, when asked about breaking the glass: “Here’s the part everyone knows! At the very end of the ceremony, the groom stamps on the glass and everyone shouts ‘Mazel tov!’ — which means congratulations and good luck.” But at an Israeli wedding, this is also the part where “all hell breaks loose,” Shiner says, laughing. “Everyone moves forward, and rushes in to kiss and bless and congratulate the couple. You can’t move for 20 minutes.”

Get the full read here: Brides Magazine



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