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Bachelorette Parties for Every Bride-To-Be

The term ‘Bachelorette Party’ typically conjures up images of excessive cocktails and dancing in bars. While this can be a fun way to celebrate, the best bachelorette parties are the ones that actually suit the bride! After all, there’s no point taking your Bride-To-Be out for a wild night of debauchery if they hate alcohol and nightclubs.

We’ve put together a list of bachelorette party ideas for every Bride-To-Be so you can plan the perfect pre-wedding celebration for your girl.

The Adventurous Bride-To-Be

Does your bestie love the outdoors? More a hiker than a clubber? Embrace their adventurous side by organising an outdoor bachelorette party they’ll never forget. You might take the girls on an overnight hike in an incredible location, where unforgettable bonding and celebrations can happen under the stars. If the group isn’t up to it, consider booking a house that you can use a base and do smaller hikes nearby. For an outdoor experience that also involves alcohol, you might opt for a bike or segway winery tour. You can get moving, admire some beautiful scenery and have a few drinks together!

The Classy Bride-To-Be

For your classy friend, it’s hard to go past a sophisticated soiree. Think well-laid tables, elegant decor and beautiful platters that will please the tastebuds. You can choose to hold an event that’s more like a traditional bridal shower, or opt for a lunch at a fancy restaurant. A high tea is also a great way to celebrate in style, offering delicious food and a classy setting. Think about what best suits your bride and remember to keep things chic.

The Creative Bride-To-Be

If your bride-to-be is all about the arts, organise a bachelorette party that will indulge her creativity. In recent times we have seen the creation of classes that pair wine and painting, the perfect combination for any creative bride-to-be! You could also try a life painting class followed by dinner and drinks, or a winery lunch and photography session. Tickets to an art exhibition or theatre show are other options that will appease your bride’s creative side and offer fun for everyone. The key is to identifying the individual’s type of creativity and picking an event that best suits them.

The Low-Key Bride-To-Be

Some brides aren’t about a big celebration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something to make them feel special. Rent a house near the beach and invite their closest friends and families for a chilled weekend relaxing on the sand. Hold a barbecue where all the girls can gather in a laidback environment to celebrate your bride-to-be. Book a session at the local day spa and indulge in some pamper time. At first it might seem difficult to plan a bachelorette party for somebody who doesn’t want a big event, but there are plenty of ways to make them feel special in a low-key way.

The Wild Bride-To-Be

Finally, here are some ideas for the wild bride-to-be who wants you to go all-out on a traditional, crazy bachelorette party. Think shots and drinking games at the house, followed by a bar crawl to all of her favourite drinking establishments. We love games that require the bride-to-be to answer questions about her future life partner, especially when you’ve spoken to the partner beforehand and hold all of the answers! Make things interesting by getting the bride-to-be to drink for every incorrect answer. Other options include party buses, party cruises and rooftop bars to make your wild night something special.


Got other ideas? Share them below. We know every bride is different and would love to hear about the special ways you’ve celebrated your bride-to-be in the lead up to their big day.



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