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Wedding Planning You Can Do From Home

The internet is a wondrous thing, especially when it comes to wedding planning. In fact, it has been absolutely life-changing in the way we find inspiration, conduct research and contact suppliers.


If you are feeling stressed and upset because you cannot continue planning your wedding under the current restrictions, it’s time to take a deep breath and think again. The reality is that you can do a whole heap of wedding planning without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.


We’ve put together a list of all the wedding planning tasks you can check off your list. As you will see, it doesn’t matter what stage of wedding planning you are up to – there will be something you can turn your attention to so that you are still feeling productive in isolation.


  1. Research

If you are at the early stage of your wedding planning (or middle or end with a few key decisions yet to be made), there’s no better time to be doing thorough research. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea (or glass of Rosé) and curl up with your laptop. Who cares if you find yourself lost down a deep, complex rabbit hole of bridal bouquets? You have the time!


  1. Mood Board/Vision

Once you’ve done some research, start thinking about your vision for the wedding. Pinterest is a great place to look if you are seeking inspiration. You will be able to search any and every aspect of a wedding to give you ideas and help you form a vision of your own.


You might even start to put together a mood board or Pinterest board of your own. It can be a great tool to sort through your ideas and define your direction for overall theme, color palette and styling options.


  1. Check Out Suppliers

It is totally possible to look into venue options and various suppliers on the internet – this is how you would be doing it anyway! Spend some time researching different venues, caterers, entertainment and florists, then make a shortlist for each type of supplier. When you have a few preferred options, evaluate according to what is being offered and pricing. You will want to make sure you are getting the best value for money. This way you will be prepared with a list of venues and suppliers ready to go when you are finally able to go visit them in person.


  1. Confirm Bookings

If you are bit further on in the wedding planning process, all you need is a phone or computer to confirm your suppliers. Contact every service provider you have booked to confirm your wedding date, the time they are required and the specific services they will be offering. It’s usually best to contact them via email so that you have a paper trail of their response.


  1. Do Your Seating Chart

Given that it can be a dreaded task for many brides and grooms, the seating chart is the perfect activity to complete while relaxing at home. Again, pour yourself a drink and turn it into something fun. Where will you seat both your families? Is there enough distance between the two ex-best friends? Who will have to sit next to your annoying uncle? All these tricky questions can be answered without going anywhere.


  1. Map Out The Ceremony

Another thing you can do from home is plan out the agenda for your ceremony. If you have a wedding planner, arrange a phone or video call so that you can work through it together. Otherwise it might be worth contacting your venue to get their input. You should also talk to your celebrant to discuss and agree their running of the ceremony. Remember to consider the start time, any readings you would like to include and your vows.


  1. Order Wedding Favors

Many couples choose to order wedding favors online so it’s time to get browsing! Think of an item that is representative of you as a couple but will provide a memorable keepsake for your guests. Again, it is important to do research and collect quotes from different providers to ensure you get the best deal.


  1. Pick Songs

The music is a hugely important part of your ceremony and reception (the first dance!), but the only things you need to make these selections are the two of you. Set a date, make a nice dinner and spend some time discussing the type of songs you might like to include in your wedding. This should include everything from pre-ceremony songs to reception tunes. You will need to think about the music you want to walk down the aisle to, the music you want to walk back up the aisle to, the songs that will play when the bridal party gets introduced and your first dance.


  1. Write Your Vows

Writing your vows is a very personal activity, so what better place to do it than in your comfort zone? At home you will be in your own space without distractions and this will create the perfect environment to start jotting down the promises you want to make to your significant other. If you get stuck, take a walk to get some fresh air or seek inspiration from famous quotes or other wedding vows. Your specific process isn’t important, but this is definitely a task that can be completed from home.


Being stuck at home does not signal the end of wedding planning. There are so many things you can tick off your list without venturing anywhere so it’s worth making the most of the opportunity to shrink your list.


Keep safe!💜


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