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6 Ways To Add Wow Factor To Your Luxury Wedding

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable, for both themselves and their guests. If you choose to host a luxury wedding, chances are your glamorous day will be in the minds of attendees for many years to come. That being said, there are a range of things you can do to add serious ‘wow’ factor to your wedding to ensure your big day is truly something special.


If you are seeking inspiration, here are 6 ways to add wow factor to your luxury wedding.


Impress with Visuals

If you’re looking for wow factor, an impressive visual scene is hard to beat. Whether you choose to use lighting effects to create a special atmosphere with patterns on the ceiling or use a dry ice machine to make your first dance something extra magical, visual aids go a long way in delivering a memorable experience for your guests. You might even choose visuals in line with your wedding’s theme like fake snow for a winter wonderland or giant sparklers around the dancefloor for a New Year’s Eve celebration.


Get Personal

Nothing will make your luxury wedding stand out from the crowd more than personal touches. This goes for representing you as a couple but also for your relationships with your guests. While there are a number of ways to express your essence as a couple throughout the ceremony and reception, getting personal with your guests is what will really impress them. Consider writing personalised notes to each guest (time-consuming but so worth it!) or gifting each attendee with a custom gift in place of wedding favours. It will obviously require more time and consideration, but you can guarantee that your guests will leave feeling appreciated and truly impressed.


Invest in Live Entertainment

Looking for something other than a standard DJ or traditional cover band? Why not opt for a string band or soulful duo to sing all of your favorite love songs? Your guests will love that you’ve done something different and a special live act will really add a wow factor to your wedding. You could also go for something outside of the box and hire a comedian or magician to do a set at your reception to really get the crowd excited. It will certainly be memorable for your guests!


Go Bold with Decor

If you are serious about adding wow factor to your wedding, you want to be able to stop your guests in their tracks as they marvel at the event you’ve put together. One way to do this is through your decor. Think about different ways you can create this type of experience that will have guests doing a double-take as they enter the reception space. It might be through extravagant table centrepieces or striking ceiling decorations. Whatever you choose, consider your theme and go bold.


Do Something Unexpected

Surprise your guests by doing something out of the ordinary. You might choose to arrive in style (Helicopter anyone? Or something romantic like on horseback?) or incorporate a surprise activity into your reception. Whether you choose fireworks, carnival-style games, casino tables or choreographed group dances, the element of surprise is sure to get your guests talking.


Engage the Professionals

One of the best ways you can add wow factor to your luxury wedding is to engage the professionals. They can take your vision and turn it into a reality by giving you suggestions and inspiration to make your special day something magical. Given the impact of the current climate and the trend for smaller weddings, having a luxury wedding that delivers serious wow factor is a great way to impress your guests and show them just how much they mean to you.


As you can see, the ways to add wow factor to your wedding are endless. Make sure you stay true to yourselves as a couple and have fun with it!




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