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6 Things Overlooked During Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. There seems to be a never-ending to-do list of things that need organizing: venue, guest list, cake, wedding gown, bridal party, groom’s outfit, flowers. The list goes on and on. Given everything on a bride’s mind, she can be forgiven for overlooking a few things during the wedding planning process. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, consider the following six common things overlooked during wedding planning.

1. Defining roles of the bridal party
It’s an exciting time when you get to ask your closest friends and family if they will be a part of your wedding as a member of your bridal party. In all of the hype, it can be easy to forget to actually discuss who will be responsible for what. Make sure that you enjoy the excitement but also take the time to work out details.
2. Planning your interaction with guests
Your wedding day can be chaotic. From the minute you wake up, you will be preparing and working out last minute details, then on to the ceremony, then photos, then reception. Make sure you have at least discussed with your fiancée how you will go about interacting with guests and making sure you give every single person attention.
3. Child entertainment
If you are having young guests at your wedding, consider how you might keep them entertained throughout the day and night. It is likely that there will be times when they have to wait, usually for food at the reception, so consider providing an option that will keep them entertained until the food comes.
4. Transportation for guests
You’ve got modes of transport for you, the groom and your bridal party, but what about guests? If many people have travelled to the area or if you are having a destination wedding where everyone is staying in accommodation, consider how all of your guests will get to the venue on your big day. If it fits in your budget you might offer a courtesy bus, but at the very least you should provide information on transport options including parking.
5. Planning for after the wedding
You’ve planned the entire day from hair and makeup, to arriving at the ceremony to your grand exit from the reception, but what happens after that? There will still be gifts, cards and other boutonniere to collect from the venue. Make sure you discuss with the venue whether everything needs to be cleared out the night of your wedding or whether you can come back the next day to sort everything out.
6. Taking time to enjoy the process
It can be easy to get caught up in the detail, but all couples should take time to actually enjoy the process of wedding planning; after all, this is your big day!

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