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5 Last-Minute Things to Remember for Holiday Season & New Year’s Eve Weddings

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and that means it’s time for festive-themed and New Year’s Eve weddings! After the tumultuous year of 2020, wedding celebrations are set to be bigger and more hyped than ever before. To make sure you don’t forget a thing in the exciting lead up to your big day, we’ve put together a list of last-minute things you need to remember.

A New Year’s Wedding Should Have a Scheduled Countdown!

Like all brides and grooms, it is easy to get caught up in planning every last detail of your wedding day. The problem is that many people overlook one of the biggest details of a New Year’s Eve wedding – the countdown! Make sure you have this scheduled into your timeline so that everyone can bring in the new year together. You might even want to plan something special to mark the milestone.

Clothing Choices are Important for a Winter Wedding

A holiday wedding in the northern hemisphere means a winter wedding. While you probably spent hours choosing the perfect gown, make sure that you’ve given as much thought to your underwear and jacket. No bride wants to be cold on their wedding day! Also remember to consider the groom and your bridal party as you want everyone to be comfortable.

Festive Décor Must Match Your Wedding Theme!

Sometimes venues have their own holiday decorations, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily match your wedding theme. Have a discussion with your venue beforehand to make sure you are able to change them for your wedding if you need to. It’s best to view the festive décor prior to your big day in case you need to make adjustments.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Staff!

It is customary to tip wedding staff in certain countries, but this becomes even more important if you are having a holiday season wedding. These people are giving up time with their family to make your wedding memorable, and while they are getting paid, they still deserve a little something extra for this sacrifice. Make sure you show these people the respect they deserve for making your special day come to life.

Enjoy the Experience!

A Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding is something truly magical. A wedding is always a special day but the holiday season just brings that little something extra and it becomes impossible not to get swept up in it all. Make an effort to be present and enjoy the lead up to your big day, as well as the wedding itself. You don’t want to get lost in it all and find that it is all over before you even have a chance to enjoy it. After all, you’ll want to feel and remember the magic!



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