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4 Things Guests Love About Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is a lifetime experience that couples cherish forever. . .and so do their guests. While they may not be easy to coordinate and plan, they contain an magical element of uniqueness that is unforgettable. The impressions and memories forged at your destination wedding will remain in the hearts and souls of your guests for decades after your wedding day.

Here are four things guests tell us they love about destination weddings (and how you can make sure your own is inspired and inspiring):

1.) The thrill of visiting a new place with a unique purpose

Your destination wedding is an opportunity for your guests to visit a new place as they share your wedding day with you. It is like a trip of a lifetime with an added bonus. The opportunity of taking day trips with your loved ones is one you should not miss. Though you are busy before your wedding, taking the time to enjoy the country with them will be enjoyable and memorable for you as well as your guests. You will get to experience the beauty and history of Israel and connect spiritually to what made you choose this destination for your own special day. When putting together your own private pre- and post-wedding tours for your guests, remember to talk to the guide and customize your choice of trips according to your guests’ interests, desires, and abilities. You can group your guests based on their input and desires to deliver a tour that fits their perfect traveling preferences. Remember to take lots of pictures and consider souvenirs from your special day trips around Israel.

2.) Welcome bags

Your guests will love their welcome bags from your destination wedding. These bags provide your out-of-town guests with many of the items they’ll need to start their holiday when flying in for your wedding.  Information sheets, itineraries, and ideas for traveling day trips will help your guests plan their ultimate holiday.

3.) Intimate event with quality time

Because destination weddings tend to be smaller than local weddings in Israel, guests get the rare opportunity to enjoy the intimacy offered by a smaller-scale event. Your guests will feel honored and valued when they enjoy the quality time they get to spend with you. In larger weddings, there is rarely an opportunity to enjoy quality time with the bride and groom in pre and post wedding activities. Being a part of a destination wedding, guests feel connected to you and to each other in a way that no “regular” wedding could deliver.

4.) Dances, drinks, and more

Destination weddings are unique in content. Some couples take the time to choreograph dances that guests love. Other couples choose to make their own signature drinks that are memorable. Others still entertain their guests with funny toasts and sharable social media wedding hashtags. The possibilities to be unique are limitless. However you inject your own style and personality and character into your destination wedding will make it an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind event.

As you celebrate your connection and love for each other and for the land of Israel, remember that your destination wedding is also a time to celebrate those closest to you who take the time and effort to travel across the world to share in your magical wedding.

Have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the love you have for each other . . . and for them. Contact us any time for more ideas.

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