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2024 Wedding Trends

We’re officially in the second half of 2023, so many couples planning 2024 weddings are already turning their attention towards the details of their celebrations. Wondering how you can stay on trend for your big day? We’ve got you covered!

Here are the biggest wedding trends predicted for 2024.

Bold Colour Palettes

Elegant, neutral colour palettes have had a long moment in the limelight, but 2024 is all about fun, vibrant hues. Add a pop of colour to your big day with striking cobalts or vivid corals – whichever colours best suit your theme and personality!

Audio Guestbooks

Traditional guestbooks have been a treasured keepsake for many couples, but audio guestbooks take things to the next level. Guests can record a personal message for the happy couple, which they can listen to after the event and for many years to come. These messages are likely to become even more entertaining as the night progresses and guests get more comfortable!

Content Creation

Given that we are in the social media age and looking towards 2024, it is no surprise that couples are now giving consideration to ways in which they are going to capture and share content from their big day. Some photographers and videographers are willing to have conversations about this as part of their package, while other couples are engaging a social media content creator specifically to film and create reels and short videos for TikTok.

Ceremony Seats for the Bridal Party

It has long been the tradition for a couple to be joined by their bridal party during the ceremony, however, some will now be choosing to have their bridesmaids and groomsmen seated throughout the formalities. Instead of standing throughout the ceremony, the bridal party will be allocated seats in the first two rows, allowing all attention to focus on the happy couple.

Late-Night Comfort Food

It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to surprise their guests with late-night comfort food to keep the party going long into the night. Think pizza, burgers or even McDonald’s deliveries – whatever you choose, it’s sure to be hit!

For weddings in Israel, you may want to consider adding local street food as a fun afterparty option – Shwarma, Felafel and Bourekas all add an amazing local touch!

Two-Piece Bridal Gowns

Midriff-baring styles have been trending in everyday fashion for a few years, and this trend is now crossing into the bridal space. It is expected that wedding dress separates will make a big statement in 2024, with fashion-forward brides choosing a skirt and top over a traditional bridal gown.

Short Veils

A veil is a traditional element of a wedding outfit and has long been a way to make an effective fashion statement. In 2024 we expect many brides to opt for a short veil, instead of the long, trailing ones we have seen in recent times.

Reception Outfits

It is expected that many couples will embrace the theme of fun by having a second outfit for their reception. In particular, brides are likely to express a more carefree side of their personality as they get ready to party – think jumpsuits, shorter dresses and sequined pants!

2024 will continue to revolve around big celebrations with loved ones in the wake of the global pandemic. Consider these trends to create a day that will reflect your personality as a couple and provide a personal experience that both you and your guests will cherish.

Happy wedding planning!

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