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2023 Wedding Trends 

A new year brings new trends! Especially in the wedding world. So, what are we expecting to see in 2023? Take a peek at our list to find out. If you’re getting married this year, you just might find some inspiration for your own special day!

  • Flowers

Flowers are on trend in a big way in 2023. From statement bouquets to dazzling archways, we expect to see flowers making a big impact this year. Here are some popular ways couples will be creating their dream wedding with flowers:

  • Statement Ceremony Decor

Couples are likely to go bold with their ceremony decor this year, using floral arrangements to create a real ‘wow’ factor on archways, aisles and ceremony backdrops. It is expected that couples will opt for unique shapes and displays to create something truly unique.

  • Small Bouquets

Large, cascading bouquets are out, and small, poignant bouquets are in! Brides will be looking to complement their dress with their flowers, tastefully enhancing the overall look rather than diverting attention.

  • Bulk Use of One Flower

It is predicted that couples will choose one or two types of flowers, rather than a collection of different varieties, for their wedding decor. Using a single type of flower in bulk creates a striking visual and adds a real element of sophistication to your aesthetic.

  • More Colour

Plants and greenery have been a popular choice over the past few years, but in 2023 we are seeing a shift towards more traditional floral arrangements in bold colours. Bright pinks, blue and green jewel tones as well as purple hues, are all expected to feature heavily this wedding season. 

  • Living Arrangements

With an ever-increasing focus on environmental impact, modern couples are turning to live flower arrangements to create their dream visual as opposed to the more traditional cut flowers. They stay fresh and look great, but can also be taken home to be enjoyed for longer – it’s a win-win!

  • Pearls

Pearls are having a moment in 2023 with brides incorporating them into their wedding day outfit in a range of ways. We are seeing pearls on bridal gowns, statement headbands or classic jewellery – the choice is yours!

  • Audio Guestbooks

Instead of a traditional guestbook, many couples are upping the ante and going with something more modern to remember their night. Audio guest books are a fun way for guests to record a message for the happy couple so they have something to make them laugh and reminisce for the rest of their lives.

  • Destination Weddings 

The impact of the global pandemic is still being felt, with many couples using their wedding as an opportunity to get away with their nearest and dearest. Everything from local weekend getaways to international adventures is on the cards in 2023, with destination weddings being a great way to connect with guests and stretch your wedding celebrations that little bit further.


To all of our 2023 couples, happy wedding planning! We wish you all the best for your wedding and beyond.

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