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2020 Bridal Trends To Know About

It’s officially a new year and that brings with it a whole new collection of wedding trends. Wondering what’s trending in 2020? Check out our comprehensive list below to ensure your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Dress Trends

Statement Gowns

2020 is all about eye-catching gowns that make a statement. Think ball gowns with luxurious skirts, low backs and high splits, and trains that go for days. If you’re a 2020 bride, go bold.


Simple, classic gowns have been a trend in recent years, but things are changing. This year, it’s all about the detail when it comes to bridal gowns. Consider opulent embellishments, lace panels and exaggerated sleeves to complete a look that is both extravagant and sophisticated. Sequins and glitter are also likely to make regular appearances.

Hair Trends

Clips and Barrettes

While a traditional wedding veil is still a popular choice, many 2020 brides will be choosing clips and barrettes over this more classic look. Clips in gold, silver and pearl are strong contenders for the coming year and are likely to make an appearance in both formal and informal hairdos.

The Wet Look

The wet look hairstyle is already making the rounds on the red carpet this awards season. Brides are likely to take a cue from celebrities and opt for the wet hair look for their big day. If you’re worried about maintaining this style for your entire wedding, don’t be. It doesn’t actually involve wet hair. The style is created using hairspray and glossing spray, meaning it lasts for hours.

Statement Head Pieces

Another alternative to classic bridal veils is statement headpieces. We’ve seen flower crowns and tiaras have a good run in the past few years, but this year we are likely to see more unique, bold headpieces. Look out for chunky, embellished headbands and pieces with sparkle.


Brides are embracing their natural hair in 2020! There is a trend of people wanting to look and feel like themselves for their wedding day, so people are choosing to work with their natural texture. If you are worried about your natural hair getting out of control, try a half-updo to give it some structure in a soft way. If you’re not keen on lack of styling but want to follow the natural trend, go for relaxed, beachy waves. They never go out of style.

Flower Trends

Small Bouquets

With statement gowns a big trend for this wedding season, big bouquets are out. Brides are choosing smaller bouquets that add color but don’t distract from the dress.

Flowers For More Than Just Centrepieces

Flowers are being used for more than just bouquets and centerpieces. Create a dreamy atmosphere by having floral arrangements around your reception venue. You may even choose to incorporate floral walls that suit your color scheme.

Floral Favors

Finding it hard to choose wedding favors or boutonniere? Take-home plants or flowers are a big trend for 2020. A single flower at each place setting or a more sustainable plant option which guests can add to their own garden are two options if you choose to go down this path.

Décor/Color Scheme Trends


Lighting remains a popular trend in 2020. It can transform an entire space, creating a mood or enhancing your chosen theme. Think an abundance of fairy lights to create romantic vibes or a more structured light arrangement to establish a modern feel.

Table Designs

Think you need to have straight, structured table arrangements? Think again. Play around with your tables to create a design that suits your reception space and your overall theme. People are opting for curvy lines that snake their seating or even mixing up the tables to create an image like a cross. Have a play to see what works for your wedding!



More people than ever before are requesting donations over wedding gifts. This adds a personal touch as couples can select a charity that is important to both of them.

Micro Weddings

Big weddings are not a requirement in the modern-day. In 2020, we are likely to see couples choose to have micro weddings with smaller numbers of guests. This makes for a more intimate experience but also increases the per-guest budget to allow for the extensive personalization required.

Remember that not all trends are for everyone. You want your wedding day to reflect who you are as a couple so only choose what works for you. And for all of you getting married in 2020, good luck with the wedding planning!

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