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2019 Bar Mitzvah Planning Inspiration

Bar Mitzvah planning season is here! And with it being the biggest and most important day for your child (other than their wedding) it is a HUGE deal. The planning takes years of brainstorming, planning, organizing, saving and stressing. For Jewish families It is a cherished day and you want to wow your guests by hosting the most extraordinary event ever!


But let’s be honest, it’s not about just hosting a party with a DJ and a dancefloor anymore. Bar Mitzvah’s are much bigger than that! Families are searching for new and exciting ways to incorporate their Son’s personality and likes into the event in ways that leave their guests swooning for days.

If you are searching for ideas to make your Bar Mitzvah the talk of the town check out our list of the newest trends in bar mitzvah celebrations.




Themed Bar Mitzvah

This has been popular for many years and will continue to be a hot trend in bar mitzvah’s in 2019. What is new is that today we are seeing more custom items being added to the party. Teens want a brand or tagline for their event with custom logos and signage that is “all theirs”. What a great idea to have custom signage on games at a sports themed bar mitzvah or custom t-shirts and other props to giveaway as mementos. Companies like Interactive Entertainment Group can create fun and interactive basketball game equipped with balls and ball return area branded with your child’s name or logo.

Everyone loves to see their name on signage. Your child will love this!

Of course, sports is not the only Bar Mitzvah theme. Other themes can include rock & roll, rap or favorite music genre, beach or tropical theme, travel or around the world, nightclub/lounge, broadway, tv show or movie. All of these themes can have items customized with your child’s tagline and logo as well making your child’s event one that others want to emulate.

Bar Mitzvah Branding

Technology Infusion

We all know that teens are obsessed with technology and social media. Most teens would probably go into withdraw if they couldn’t have their phone, laptop or video games for an extended period of time. So why not include these items in an “interactive” bar mitzvah? Add a personalized photo station, create custom hashtags to be used when tagging photos at the party, geofilters and more. For added grandiose décor hire a company to add monogrammed lighting to display your child’s name, hashtag, tagline or logo on the walls, ceiling or dance floor. Virtual reality video games will really get the party going. You can give personalized earbuds as party favors (with your child’s logo or tagline of course). Or how about a digital graffiti wall? Sounds pretty cool, huh? Hop over to Creative Event Services Inc to check it out. Technology has advanced so much today that even the lighting can be customized to change colors by being synced with the beat of the music creating an interactive light show.


Adult & Child Friendly Entertainment

Most bar mitzvah’s include a guest list of both children and adults so don’t forget to include stations or entertainment things for both to enjoy. Having interactive food stations that allow guests to “create” their own dessert or coffee is something all guests can enjoy. Create a lounge area by renting furniture to replace the standard “banquet style” seating. This will make the adults feel more like they are in a lounge or nightclub instead of at a child’s party.


Hire A Professional Athlete Or Performer

Want to really knock the socks off your guests? Hire a famous singer, performer, athlete or broadway star to come to your son’s bat mitzvah. After all good old fashioned “live” entertainment still beats all the gadgets, tech stuff and themes.

If you can’t get a famous star local live music bands are still available and offer all sorts of genres.


No matter what you choose as the theme make sure to take time to celebrate the real reason for the party. The coming of age for your son!

Mazel Tov


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