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11 Ways To De-Stress While Planning A Wedding

Planning your dream wedding is both exciting and challenging. Don’t let stress crash your party while you navigate differing family dynamics, multiple travel schedules, the ordinary pressures of daily life, dealing with your vendors and organizing the details of your big day.

It is normal to feel tension and pressure while planning your wedding. Some stress can help move you into action and may be healthy. But too much stress is often paralyzing and hurts you in ways that detract from the tremendous joy and the full relaxation you deserve during this magical time.

Here are 11 healthy ways to de-stress while planning your wedding:

1) Plan Ahead

Efficient scheduling of your tasks reduces pressure and stress. Commit to adding a comprehensive To Do List to your routine and cross off all your completed tasks. Your lists will help you stay focused and organized and crossing off completed items will help you stay on target and feel fulfilled. A sense of accomplishment will help you get de-stressed and empower you.

2) Communicate & Manage

Communicate effectively with those dear to your heart, your wedding party, your vendors, and anyone else who may assist in your planning. This may seem like an effort in the early planning stages, but will become second nature as time brings you closer to your big day. Remember that there is no such thing as over-communication when it comes to planning your perfect event. Don’t be afraid to express your needs and manage your vendors. Let all your vendors know what you desire using your advanced management and communication skills and find collaboration that brings ease and peace to the planning process.

3) Quality Time With Your Sweetheart

Regular date night outings with your lifetime partner increase intimacy, joy, and excitement. What better way to de-stress? Take turns planning fun dates and choose activities that are new to your relationship. Push your boundaries and dare to dream.

4) Leave It To The Pros

Schedule a few coaching sessions to help process unresolved issues with your partner, a close friend, or family members. Sometimes sharing with a professional introduces a fresh perspective to a situation you may have difficulty dealing with.

4) Pamper Yourself

Schedule spa days for yourself, with your partner, or with a close friend. Book services that enhance your experience such as long massages or a relaxing facial. Don’t forget the mani-pedi and a full day with your girlfriends shopping and relaxing.

6) Work Out

Regular exercise will keep you in shape and reduce stress. Consider a personal trainer, sign up for a local race, or attend some special classes. Adding physical activity to your schedule may seem like a chore, but it will keep you energized, focused, and de-stressed.

7) Think Positive & Mediate

Do not succumb to negative energy. Choose actions that will increase your positivity and satisfaction. Even when experiencing a road block or an upset, do not react right away. Breathe and create a win-win solution. Add mediation to your routine and do not panic if things do not work out right away. Patience, care, and compassion will simplify your life and wedding planning experiences.

8) Read Wedding Blogs & Surf the Web

Some brides find it relaxing to read articles and blogs related to the subject of wedding planning. You may surf the web or read a few blogs a week for ideas and gathering knowledge or just for fun. Either way, it will help reduce tension and move you into a creative space.

9) Connect With Nature

Incorporate nature into your routine. It is always relaxing to hike or take a walk by your favorite beach. Try a new outdoor activity with your partner and create a lifetime of memories.

10) Travel

Traveling to a relaxing destination is a terrific way to reduce stress and re-energize. Enjoy a trip to your favorite winery or a spa with those you love most. Perhaps some down time on a tropical island is more your style.

11) Help Others

Doing something special for others who are less fortunate increases our satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. It’s a win-win with the benefit of reduced stress and the good karma that comes from paying your blessings forward.

Remember to have fun and choosing an activity you simply love, be safe and contact us for more tips and ideas.


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