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Unique Wedding Day Transportation

Getting married in style? Why not consider incorporating a similarly unique and stylish form of transportation into your wedding?

Adding special transportation to your wedding day can make all the difference in creating a truly memorable wedding day. The available options are limited only by a couple’s imagination, their budget, what is available in their area, the location of the ceremony and reception and the weather.

To add a unique touch to your day, consider using one of the following:

• horse-drawn carriage

• antique car

• hay wagon or other farm wagon

• motorcycle with a side-car

• hot air balloon

• golf cart

• trolley

• helicopter

• speed boat

Check with relatives and friends to see if someone has an antique car that they would let you borrow. Hiring a horse-drawn carriage sets a romantic tone for the ceremony. Your guests will appreciate being transported to the ceremony or the reception by trolley. Farm wagons lend a nice touch to casual or countryside weddings.

When hiring any commercial vehicle during busier times of the year, contact the company well in advance, since many book quickly. Find out the cost per hour and be prepared to provide mileage from one location to another, since some companies charge for both mileage and time. Provide a simple map listing the address of the place where you are to be picked up and the destination address. If you are considering using a hot air balloon or a helicopter, be certain that adequate space free from power lines and other obstructions is available. Bear in mind that a portion of the parking lot at your venue might need to be blocked off for the landing.

Be sure to inspect all vehicles for cleanliness and problems before signing a contract. Find out the amount of deposit required and the cancellation policy and get everything in writing. If the vehicle is designed for open-air use, it is particularly important to know what the company’s policy is if it rains, is too windy, or the vehicle can¹′t be used for some other reason.


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