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BE Group Productions is an award winning luxury weddings production and design firm. Tailored destination weddings curated worldwide.

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About Us

BE Group Productions is an award-winning, internationally accredited Weddings Production & Design firm. We are industry leaders specialising in exclusive, elegant celebrations worldwide.

BE Group plans, produces and designs upmarket weddings, tailored to the unique visions of each client. At BE Group, our objective is to create unforgettable high-end experiences with stunning outcomes, each and every time.

Each wedding is meticulously monitored start-to-finish by our in-house team, from the creation of intricate design concepts and stunning florals to the selection of bespoke tableware, graphic design and event branding.

We are a cosmopolitan and fluent multilingual group.
Our highly professional team brings with it an extensive knowledge of the most sought-after facilities, locations and services as well as in-house attorney-reviewed contracts.

We are a leading, fully registered company and work only with the finest selection of locations, entertainers, vendors and suppliers to ensure that your special day runs seamlessly.

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Our Team

Lisa Shiner


Lisa has over eleven years of experience in the luxury events industry. A DWP Power List Member, Lisa has been consecutively recognised as one of the Top One Hundred Best Planners & Designers worldwide by industry leader Destination Wedding Planning Insider. Feature din numerous international publications, her work can be described as elegant and clean yet opulent and rich in flowers.

Born in London and educated in the United Kingdom and Canada as well as in Tel Aviv, Lisa is fluent in English and Hebrew. Lisa combines an extensive background in law, as both a UK barrister and Head Legal Counsel and Foreign Qualified Attorney at Israel’s leading law firm. A certified member of both the UK and Israel Bar, she has pioneered well-drafted agreements in both English and Hebrew, many of which have become a benchmark for luxury events.

Alon Messi


Extensive experience in organizing, coordinating and successfully, demanding high-end projects on-budget and timed to perfection always aiming to pull off the spectacular. Highly skilled in vendor negotiation and management, logistics, setting up events and managing staff and budgets. Professionalism, drive and commitment to quality whatever the demands of the event.

Tania Serfaty


A driven and highly capable manager, with over 7 years in the luxury events industry. Tania is skilled at executing and managing multiple complex projects simultaneously for BE Group’s couples and clients. Adaptable and resourceful, Tania excels at managing the extensive logistical demands of BE Group’s events, always to the highest industry standards.

Tali Bessa


Tali is an experienced weddings and events producer. Responsible for customer care throughout the planning process, production and event construction advice and selection and skilled in day of event management. Tali is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian and prides herself on her excellent relationship with BE Group couples.

Yuval Bar


Yuval is an experienced private events and weddings manager. Expertly responsible for start to finish management of events, his industry connections and know how are invaluable.

Ioanna Vasilaki


With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, specialising in exquisite customer service, Ioanna brings her unique combination of care and attentiveness to BE Group couples. Located in the BE Group Greece office, Ioanna travels to our events around the world accompanying our couples.

Daniel Vardy


Daniel is an experienced Logistics and Events Operations Manager. He oversees high-end complex off-site productions to extraordinary results. Daniel enjoys fabulous and long standing vendor relationships.

Hedva Konnolly


Coordination, construction and planning of full event itineraries (client and logistics) at the highest standard to meet the strictest of timelines. Hedva is responsible production and planning of numerous successful events within the high-end luxury market for HNW clients.

Jennifer Cohen


Jennifer runs the BE Group office, is efficient and professional and is an expert in all things weddings. Jennifer is highly skilled and experienced in event planning and event management; speaks English and Hebrew and is familiar with a variety of cultures and customs.

BE Group Teams


Our skilled team of designers and graphic artists, who bring our unique brand of beauty to your special day!


Our team of highly skilled logistics experts, skilled in the start-to-finish construction and implementation of the most intricate event plans.


Our financial team, responsible for budgets and financial breakdowns for our events.

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Where do I start?

There is an overwhelming amount of information which varies enormously in quality and style. Knowing where to begin can be daunting and time consuming, especially when the wedding is set to take place in a foreign location. We will guide you through a large volume of information, inserting our experience and expertise into each recommendation. Through discussing your wishes and needs, we will work together closely to create your perfect day.

Why should I use a production company?

Organizing a wedding is a very time consuming undertaking. Add to this the complications of organizing a wedding in a foreign country, where your local knowledge may be limited and the language and mentality may pose difficulties, and it is easy to see how the planning can become a stressful process. We recognize that your time is precious and we are able to dedicate ourselves to organizing your day, without distraction, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and that your friends, loved ones and most importantly you, actually enjoy it.

Will I be in control?

Absolutely. We are here to work for and with you, guiding you to the best choices and decisions whilst ensuring that you remain in control. We offer guidance, experience and advice. All decisions remain yours to make.

How will using a production company affect my budget?

Due to established relationships with local suppliers in a variety of countries we can negotiate on your behalf, in that country’s local language, and obtain the best possible prices. We are also able to provide advice on cost-saving solutions and provide options that you may not even have considered or realized were available. Our service also offers considerable time-saving benefits, reducing the stress that is often associated with planning and producing a destination wedding and providing the peace of mind that comes from having your special day professionally organized, negotiated and managed on your behalf, leaving you free to enjoy the fun of decision-making and, most importantly, the day itself.

Will I be able to totally relax and enjoy our day?

This is our ultimate aim and we will make all the necessary contingency plans and iron out any minor problems on the day before you have even noticed them. We will be there on the day (depending on the level of involvement you require) to ensure that every last detail has been taken care of. We want to ensure that, on the day itself, all that you and your guests need to be mindful of is having a fabulously unforgettable experience.

How do I determine a budget?

One of the foremost considerations when deciding to get married is the budget. We will work closely with you to set a realistic, budget that takes into account all of the costs of the day, including hidden costs that are often overlooked. You will be regularly updated regarding any potential changes to the budget and all decisions will be pre-approved by you. The cost of a high-standard destination wedding compares to that of a comparable wedding at home. Of course there are also the added benefits of beautiful weather, a stunning location and the magic of making a lifetime commitment to each other in the Mediterranean air!

How will I be charged?

We provide an individually tailored bespoke service. As such, our fee is calculated according to each individual event The process commences with a free consultation. We would be delighted to meet with you in person or on Zoom, or to converse with you via email or phone call. It is important at this stage for us to understand the experience you are looking to create for yourself and your guests so that we can progress to the next stage, the proposal and quotation.

How do I achieve a truly unique and special day for us and our guests?

We aim to make your wedding as unique and personal to you and your tastes as possible. You may already have a clear idea of what you want or you may require some ideas and inspiration from us. Whatever your requirements, we are here to work with you to create a fabulous and memorable day.

Why can’t I approach the venue directly to organize my day?

Venue-based coordinators typically offer a venue-adapted package, which can inhibit the flexibility and uniqueness of your day. We work directly for you and not for any venue or location. Our curated contact list contains a wide variety of high-quality suppliers and an optimal range of high-standard options. Furthermore, if you are organizing your wedding remotely, complications are more challenging to iron out and it can often be difficult to maintain control. Our expert team will visit suppliers for you, as often as is necessary, until we are fully satisfied with the desired result. We cherry-pick the best suppliers to propose highly-professional selections that are absolutely right for you and your wedding, without bias.